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R's Key Foundations & Principles

  • Long-term Ownership Beats Short-term Profit

    Instead of selling a great company at a 100% return, seasoned investors know and consider the value of time and patience. To put this in perspective, while Apple stock has returned more than 300% over the last 5 years, long-term shareholders have earned more than 50,000% over the last 20.

  • Mindset & Mentality over Math & Mechanics

    Developing the right pyschology around your investing will allow you to set rules and forget about them, knowing that whatever happens short-term, regardless of price volatility, is just noise. Investments in great companies (and other assets) will likely grow handsomely over time.

  • Conviction & Consistency Drive Compounding

    Consistent purchases of stock in companies that deserve your conviction can build your wealth on auto-pilot. For example, billionaire Ron Baron spent 3 years between 2014 and 2016 accumulating $380 million in Tesla stock. 5 years later, by September 2021, his firm had earned $4 billion in profit. He's still holding.

  • Benchmarks Help to Build Your Blueprint

    Starting your investing journey without a plan is a surefire way to pay dues with unnecessary losses. Set your destination as a multimillion dollar portfolio, then chart a course that includes how much you'll need to invest and earn on your capital to get there. This allows you to properly track your growth and manage your risk.

Stick to these principles and suddenly the task of making excellent investment decisions becomes much, much easier.

Why WealthPlan?

In 1949, Benjamin Graham published his legendary book The Intelligent Investor based on the basic premise that when you know the true value of a company, you can earn significant returns buying its stock on sale.

Warren Buffet first read the book at age 20 and later moved to New York to work with Graham for several years. Upon returning to Omaha, he managed a series of investment partnerships for family and friends and earned a 31.6% annual return from 1957 to 1968, with no losing years, compared to 9.1% for the Dow.

If I was running $1 million today, or $10 million for that matter, I'd be fully invested...It's a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.

Warren Buffet - Bloomberg, 1999

2 clear takeaways

First and foremost, to become the world-renowned investor that he is today, Warren Buffet had a mentor.

Second, a portfolio of less than $10 million provides a number of advantages when your goal is exponential growth.

R's invitation-only WealthPlan™ Elite program delivers in both categories by pairing you with a world-class mentor who will not only provide you instruction, education, and information but also work with you at your pace, making sure that you effectively apply what you learn to grow your net worth.

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Trust the process

We'll start with an assesment to determine your starting capital and realistic investing schedule.

Next, we'll develop a roadmap that creates a clear pathway to a dollar amount that will make working at a job (and early retirement) optional.

Then, we'll cover business & personal credit, income preservation & taxes, equities & derivatives (stocks & options), cryptocurrency & blockchain, debt & equity in real estate, venture & startups, fine art & collectibles (NFTs), commercial lending & private debt.

Finally, we'll master six time-tested trading strategies including a hedge to preserve your portfolio when the market is in a downturn.

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